Share The Road To Zero ...and enjoy long, healthy active lives Pledges to ‘Share the Road to Zero’

The Department of the Environment has welcomed the support of for the ‘Share the Road to Zero’ road safety campaign.


Brídín Beckett from DOE Road Safety said, “‘Share the Road to Zero’ is a huge community programme with one aim – a vision of zero road deaths in Northern Ireland.  As road users, we all share the road, so this campaign is asking us to also share the responsibility.  As such, we are encouraging citizens in Northern Ireland to sign up to a path towards no deaths on our roads and in turn pledge to use the roads safely.” 

In 2012 the number of road deaths in the region reached its lowest level since records began in 1931.  However, 48 people died and 48 families were devastated by these tragedies.  Every one of those road deaths is one too many.

Mrs Beckett added, “The goal of reducing road deaths to zero is a shared community responsibility.  As such, I want to encourage everyone to join us on a journey towards zero road deaths.  Any organisation can support this aspiration by pledging and encouraging members or employees to pledge and adopt safer behaviours on the roads.

“As road users, we all have responsibility to behave appropriately – as a driver, a passenger, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian so that we do not take risks and we do not put our own lives or anyone else’s in danger.”

“The support of the community is vital if we are to further reduce road casualties. is well placed to promote road safety messages.  The organisation has pledged its support by raising awareness of the Share the Road to Zero campaign amongst its employees and customers.”

Ryan Hutchinson, Branch Manager, Belfast, said,  “I want to encourage everyone at and our customers to join the journey towards zero road deaths by pledging their support for the campaign at  If we make the effort to take extra care on our roads, lives can be saved.  After all, a few seconds of poor concentration is all it takes for any of us to be involved in a collision. I have personally taken the pledge, and I hope many others will.”