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Walk to School Week – Monday 21 May to Friday 25 May

Walk to School Week – Monday 21 May to Friday 25 May

This week is the annual Walk to School Week when parents and teachers are encouraged to help children to discover the health, social and environmental benefits of walking to school. If you and your children still make this journey by car why not leave the car at home and get a bit of exercise. If the total journey is too far why not split the journey and do the last few hundred metres on foot.

A few points worth noting:

  • Children who get that bit of exercise on the way to school are healthier and more receptive to lessons;
  • Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are growing problems among children;
  • Healthy habits begun early in life will provide lifelong healthy benefits;
  • If you walk to school with your children you can also benefit from the health & other benefits;
  • If you walk with them you can also teach them good habits about road safety.

Remember you as a parent or guardian are responsible for your child’s safety.

  • You should only allow them to make the journey when you judge that it is safe to do so;
  • Teach them to Stop, Look and Listen before crossing the road;
  • Teach them that safety on the road is more important than rushing into traffic;
  • Demonstrate good road use practice by your own behaviour on the journey;

Children develop at different rates and only YOU can decide when your child is ready to move from the basic training (Stop, Look and Listen) to the next stage following The Green Cross Code.


The Green Cross Code is made up of Rules 7 A-E in The Highway Code and should be followed at all times by children and adults when crossing the road.

For all drivers if you are driving to school or passing near a school remember to be careful of children or others walking. There may be more than usual during Walk to School Week.

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