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There’s No Need To Speed

Over the last 5 years, 418 people were killed or seriously injured due to excessive speeding, an average of 84 people per year. Could you bear the thought of causing that pain to someone’s family… or your own?

Excessive speed remains one of the main causes behind road deaths in Northern Ireland. It doesn’t need to be high to kill or seriously injure. Research shows that just a 5% increase in average speed, increases the risk of serious injuries by over 15% and deaths by 25%.

It also isn’t about doing 80 or 100 miles per hour. It’s about going too fast for the conditions. And it is your responsibility to adapt your driving accordingly.

It really is as simple as this – SLOW DOWN – a matter of seconds off your journey could end up taking years off your life, or someone else’s.

You can never control the consequences when you speed.

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