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The Dutch Reach

Every year, over 500 people who cycle in the UK are injured when someone opens a car door in their path, but the actual figure is much higher as many collisions aren’t reported.

The Dutch Reach is a simple technique that ensures you always look over your shoulder to avoid opening doors into the path of people who cycle. The idea of the manoeuvre is to open the door with your hand furthest from the door, forcing you to turn your body and check over your shoulder for people who cycle and other road users.

Research carried out by Cycling UK found that 35% of drivers admit to not looking for people who cycle before opening their car door. Many drivers don’t realise the dangers of opening a car door to people who are cycling. Over 60 people a year are killed or seriously injured in the UK by car dooring incidents.

The organisation have devised a hard-hitting virtual reality film which aims to educate drivers and people in cars in how to use the Dutch Reach.

The video is filmed from the perspective of a passenger, showing a collision caused by a driver opening their door – and how it could have been avoided using the Dutch Reach.

Watch the video here and find out more about the Dutch Reach.

Thanks to Cycling UK
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