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Stop, Look, Listen, Live!

Stop, Look, Listen, Live!

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users. They should be taught to Stop, Look and Listen when crossing the road and should not be allowed out alone until they can cross the road properly and safely.

Remember – you as a parent or guardian are responsible for your child’s safety.

  • Young children should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Children develop at different rates and only YOU can decide when your child is ready to move from the basic training (Stop, Look and Listen) to the next stage following The Green Cross Code.



The Green Cross Code is made up of Rules 7 A-E in The Highway Code and should be followed at all times by children and adults when crossing the road.

Share this page with all your friends and family, young and old alike. Do it today because every road death is one too many.


First Published: 30 August 2013
Last Updated: 8 September 2016

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