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Speed Limits: How Well Do You Know These Signs?

Speed Limits: How Well Do You Know These Signs?

The Highway Code is clear…

You MUST NOT exceed the maximum speed limits for the road and your vehicle [Rule 124].

So do you know what each of the 5 speed limit signs in the picture mean?

Ready to see if you are right? Scroll down to reveal the answers…


SIGN 1: Maximum Speed [40mph]

SIGN 2: National Speed Limit Applies [Click here for speed limits]

SIGN 3: Mandatory Speed Limit Ahead [50mph speed limit 3/4 mile ahead]

SIGN 4: Minimum Speed [30mph]

SIGN 5: End of Minimum Speed [30mph]

Did you get them all right?

Knowing the speed limits and signs is important but it is your responsibility to adapt your driving/riding to the conditions and it may not be safe to drive/ride at the limit.

Take extra care on rural roads.


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