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Share the Road. Respect Everyone’s Journey.

We all share the road – drivers and cyclists alike. So we all need to respect each other’s journey.

Drivers need to take extra care to look out for cyclists, one of the most vulnerable groups of road users, and to anticipate that they may make unexpected manoeuvres.

Cyclists need to take responsibility for their own safety by making other road users aware they are there and by giving plenty of warning of their intended actions.

Don’t forget we all have an equal right to use the road. Be careful and considerate towards other road users by being understanding, patient, staying calm, allowing people plenty of room – and particularly for drivers and cyclists – making eye contact when it’s possible and being courteous to one another.


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Share the Road. Respect Everyone’s Journey.

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First published: 17/04/2014
Last updated: 16/04/2015

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