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Be smart around school buses


Did you know that children are more at risk around school buses than travelling on them?

Teach your child how to be safer around school buses:

  • STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before they cross any road. Highway Code Rule 7 A-E – The Green Cross Code.
  • STAY on the footpath or the verge until the bus has moved far away.
  • ACT sensibly on and around school buses.
  • BEWARE of the dangers of traffic hidden from their view by the school bus.
  • NEVER cross the road IN FRONT of the school bus.


You, as a parent or guardian, are responsible for your child’s safety. Young children should be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children develop at different rates and only YOU can decide when your child is ready to behave safely around the roads.


Share this page with all your friends and family, young and old alike. Do it today because every road death is one too many.