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The book that could save your life


One of the most important ways to reduce road death in Northern Ireland and to Share the Road to Zero, is to follow the rules of The Highway Code for Northern Ireland. The Highway Code isn’t just a book of rules and road signs. It could help to save you from death, serious injury or from going to prison.

What’s more, it’s not just for drivers. The Highway Code contains life-saving advice for all road users. Keep yourself and other road users safer – follow the rules of The Highway Code on every journey because EVERY road death is one too many.

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Rules for pedestrians
Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users. Rules 1-35 of The Highway Code NI provide crucial advice for pedestrians, including how to cross the road safely, how to be safe and be seen and what to do where no footpath is available.
Read Rules 1-35 …


Rules for users of powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters
Rules 36-46 provide advice, including the laws, for using wheelchairs and mobility scooters on roads and footpaths.
Read Rules 36-46 …


Rules about animals
If you walk a dog, ride a horse or herd sheep on the road Rules 47-58 apply to you.
Read Rules 47-58 …


Rules for cyclists
Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups on our roads. Rules 59-82 provide crucial safety advice for cyclists and laws that MUST be followed.
Read Rules 59-82 …


Rules for motorcyclists
In 2013 ten motorcyclists were killed on the roads in Northern Ireland, devastating the lives of the families and friends left behind. Rules 83-88 apply only to motorcyclists but motorcyclists must follow all the rules of The Highway Code to be as safe as possible, especially Rules 89-307. Remember – It’s not just you who crashes.
Read Rules 83-88 …


Rules for drivers and motorcyclists
Rules 89-307 provide life-saving advice and information on the laws that apply to driving or riding on the roads in Northern Ireland. Every driver and motorcyclist should follow these rules and MUST comply with the laws. The rules include advice on technique, manoeuvres, road users who require extra care, driving in adverse weather conditions, motorways, breakdowns and more. Have a read – you might be surprised.
Read Rules 89-307 …


Highway Code signs and markings
For all the important signals, warning signs and markings that MUST be adhered to by law – click here…


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