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Road Safety during current restrictions

Road Safety during current restrictions

As restrictions continue, we all, as road users, cannot become complacent and do our bit by taking extra care on the roads if we must make an essential journey.

Whether you are a driver, rider, or choose to walk or cycle – we continue to play our part by staying at home, only travelling when necessary, practising social distancing and taking extra care on every journey.

How can we keep ourselves and other road users safe?

As you know, you should only leave your home if essential, see nidirect for what the restrictions mean for you.

It’s still as important as ever that we remain vigilant when sharing the road.

There are more people walking and cycling. Pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable road users and in the event of a road traffic collision they are more likely to sustain injuries requiring medical attention.

With that in mind, everyone must do all they can to reduce the number of road casualties.

Drivers – less traffic on the roads is no excuse for excessive speed. Watch out for more people walking or cycling, especially in built up areas – they may step off the pavement onto the road unexpectedly to practise social distancing. Slow down and give them space and time to cross the road and, when passing those on bicycles give them as much room as you would when passing a car – a minimum of 1.5 metres.

If you choose to walk or cycle as part of your once-a-day exercise, be sure to social distance and continue to pay attention to your surroundings and be alert to the traffic around you. Check the road is clear before stepping off the pavement to cross to the other side or to social distance from other people using the footpath. More road safety for pedestrians is available on the Share the Road to Zero website.

Our key message is, as always, reduce your speed, wear a seatbelt, pay attention, ignore the phone and never ever drive having taken alcohol or drugs.

We All Share The Road. We All Share The Responsibility.

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