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Respect Road Workers who are working to Improve your Journey!

Respect Road Workers who are working to Improve your Journey!

Respect the safety of road workers by slowing down at road works and abiding by all temporary traffic signs and lights. It’s the law.

Temporary traffic lights and speed limits are legally enforceable and are there to protect road workers and road users. Ignoring them could result in a £60 fixed penalty notice and 3 penalty points.

When you approach roadworks or see a ‘Roadworks Ahead’ sign take extra care.

Follow these 5 safety tips at Road Works:

  1. You MUST slow down. Do not exceed any temporary maximum speed limit [Highway Code rule 288].
  1. You MUST obey all temporary traffic light signals and traffic signs [Highway Code rule 109].
  1. Do not drive through an area marked off by traffic cones. Be aware of narrowing lanes and merge in turn [Highway Code rule 288].
  1. Be patient, cautious and considerate. They are working to improve your future journey.
  1. It is an offence to drive through an authorised road closure.

Traffic controls are put in place for everyone’s safety and by ignoring speed restrictions, stop signs and coned areas you are not just risking the life of road workers but you are also putting yourself and others in danger.

Further guidance on how to drive near road works is set out in the Highway Code.

It is always a good idea to plan ahead and allow extra time for unexpected delays during your journey. Never rush or take risks on the road. Check Trafficwatch NI to keep up to date with traffic news and roadworks.

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