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Respect Everyone’s Journey

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We all share the road, and as drivers and pedestrians we should Respect Everyone’s Journey.

So drivers remember:

  • Just because you’re at the speed limit, doesn’t mean you’re not dangerous.
  • Just because you’re driving, doesn’t mean you have right of way.
  • Just because you’re surrounded by metal, doesn’t mean they are not flesh and blood.

Pedestrians remember:

  • Just because it seems clear, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop.
  • Just because you’re in a rush, doesn’t mean you can ignore the crossing.
  • Just because you can see the car, doesn’t mean the driver can see you.
  • Just because your friends are chatting, doesn’t mean it’s safe for you.


Share this page with all your friends and family whether they are drivers, pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists because EVERY road death is one too many.



First published: 23/01/2014
Last updated: 23/04/2015

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