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Reasons to Start Cycling

Reasons to Start Cycling

Ever thought about leaving the car at home and choosing cycling as part of your daily commute? There are many reasons to cycle as a form of transport. Whether it’s to boost your fitness, save money or as an environmental choice, getting on a bike has many benefits.

Save Money

You can get a good bike for much cheaper than a car, and with no fuel costs and no motor tax to worry about – you can reduce your travel spending considerably. You can also make further savings if your employer supports the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Keep Fit

Cycling to work is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your everyday routine, and is a great workout for people of all ages. Regular cyclists typically enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person ten years younger, and live up to two years longer than non-cyclists.

Get there sooner

During rush-hour, a bicycle can be about as fast as a car – good if you hate traffic jams! It only takes around five minutes for an average cyclist to travel one mile – so if you live less than five miles from work, you could cycle there in under half an hour.

Help the environment

A bike is the only form of transport with zero carbon emissions. By cycling you will be helping to reduce noise, pollution and traffic congestion – contribution to a healthier environment for all.

And remember, help keep yourself safe when sharing the road – for more information on cycling safety see The Highway Code.

Happy and safe cycling!

For more information on the rules of the road and how they apply to cyclists, download The Highway Code  or watch our TV ad >>>

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