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Planning a trip? Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy

Planning a trip? Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy

As a driver, you’re responsible for the roadworthiness of your vehicle – that is, that it’s safe to be driven on the road. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with basic car maintenance.

In many modern cars, many of the mechanical parts are sealed and can only be checked by a qualified mechanic but there are some checks that you must do. Look at your vehicle’s handbook to see which checks you can make and how to do them.

Ensure that lights, brakes, steering, exhaust system, seat belts, demisters, wipers and washers are all working and that tyres have sufficient tread, there must be at least the legal minimum 1.6 mm of tread and preferably more than 2 mm.

Do not ignore warning signs on the dashboard; they could indicate a dangerous fault developing.

Take care to check all around your car for anything that could make it less safe on the road. It doesn’t take long and it’s usually easier to fix a problem when you spot it early.

Find out what The Highway Code advises on vehicle maintenance.

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