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One lapse can make you a killer


Driver carelessness is the biggest cause of death and serious injury on Northern Ireland’s roads and between 1998 and 2010 was responsible for 45% of deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

One lapse can be caused by anything

Some of the most common distractions for drivers include:

  • day dreaming
  • looking at scenery, new building sites, shop windows
  • male drivers looking at female pedestrians
  • texting, changing the music, talking or just thinking

One lapse can ruin your life forever
If you kill someone by driving carelessly you can go to prison for up to 5 years, be disqualified from driving and get a criminal record for life!

Cause Death and Grievous Bodily Injury by Dangerous Driving and you face a maximum of 14 years in prison and at least 2 years’ disqualification from driving.

As a driver you are personally responsible for every decision, every lapse and every risk you take.

Top tips to avoid careless driving:

  • Read, learn and follow all the rules of The Highway Code for Northern Ireland
  • Never allow yourself to be distracted when driving
  • Never take risks when driving
  • Never text or talk on a mobile phone when driving. Even hands-free phones are distracting and can significantly increase your risk of crashing. The Highway Code says: Before setting off on a journey make sure you have switched off your mobile phone. Remember – no call or text is more important than a life!

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