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Now, More Than Ever, Stay Safe At Road Junctions

Now, More Than Ever, Stay Safe At Road Junctions

Whether you are a driver, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian – we can all play our part by only travelling when essential to do so, and ensuring we take extra care on every journey.

All road users are being reminded of their personal responsibility to drive, cycle and walk in a way that keeps both themselves and others safe as they share the road.

Using road junctions can prove hazardous and calls for particular care and attention.

Drivers should STOP or GIVE WAY as indicated by signage until it is safe to proceed.

Take a conscious look for motorcyclists when turning right, when emerging from junctions and when overtaking.

Those travelling on motorcycles should take steps to increase their own safety through safe riding behaviours and appropriate training and equipment.

Take extra care at junctions, particularly on rural roads.

Find out how to keep yourself safe at junctions on the Share The Road To Zero website.

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