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Next week is Get Active Week from 24-30 June!

Next week is Get Active Week from 24-30 June!

We all know that being active is good for us and that physical activity is very important to our health and wellbeing.

Being active has also been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, some cancers, having a stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis.

In addition to these amazing health benefits, here are 10 great reasons to get outside and get active:

  • Feel more energetic
  • Get a healthier body shape and appearance
  • Control your weight
  • Feel less stressed
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Sleep more easily
  • Enjoy your surroundings
  • Meet people and make new friends through walking groups, fitness classes and going to the gym
  • Save money in petrol and fares
  • Improve air quality by reducing your carbon footprint

Any amount of physical activity is better than doing none at all. And if you are already physically active, increasing the amount you do can also benefit your health.

Why not start by taking The Active Travel Challenge? Challenge yourself to get active and enjoy the benefits of walking. There’s a whole range of prizes available, from Fitbits to watches, hotel vouchers and more. Simply sign up and log your journeys here.

Here are some top tips on building more activity into your day:

  • Try walking or cycling for either part of, or your entire, journey to work;
  • If you have to drive or take the bus, park the car a little further away from your destination or hop off the bus a stop or two earlier and walk the rest of the way;
  • When you’re out and about or in work, take the stairs instead of the lift to get your legs moving;
  • During your lunch break, go for a walk rather than sitting at your desk. A 10-minute brisk walk adds to your recommended physical activity target;
  • When you get home in the evening, instead of slouching in front of the TV, go for a walk. Get the kids involved too and go to the park with them on their bikes or for a kick about with the football.

We all have equal rights to share the road. Remember if driving, cycling or walking we should respect everyone’s journey.

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