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Is your vehicle ready for winter?

Is your vehicle ready for winter?

As the weather worsens and we begin to experience a few days of freezing temperatures, it acts as a good reminder that we need to check if our vehicles are ready to meet the winter challenges. Winter car care is not only essential to keep your vehicle protected from snow, ice, and plummeting temperatures – it could also save your life.

It is a legal requirement to make sure your vehicle is fit for the road. In winter, due to the harsh weather conditions, we need to ensure that the battery is well maintained and that there are appropriate anti-freeze agents in your radiator and windscreen bottle.

See Annex 6 of The Highway Code NI to see how to keep your vehicle in a legal and safe condition.

Before you start your journey you must be able to see clearly, so clear any snow and ice from your vehicle. During your journey keep well back from the road user in front as stopping distances can be ten times greater than on dry roads. See here for further information on ‘Driving in adverse weather conditions’.

Always remember to adjust your driving/riding to the conditions.

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