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[Infographic] Speed Limits

[Infographic] Speed Limits

£60 fine and 3 penalty points…

That is what you face if you break the speed limit.

Worse, You Can Never Control The Consequences If You Speed. Cause death by speeding and you could face up to 14 years in prison – and a lifetime of shame.

The infographic on this page, from The Highway Code, is a handy reminder of the main speed limits in Northern Ireland. But you must also look out for speed limit signage.

Highway Code Speed Limit Infographic

Here are a few helpful tips for sticking to the speed limits:

1. Check your speedometer regularly
2. Know the speed limits and look out for signs
3. Try no higher than 3rd gear in a 30mph zone
4. Slow down when entering villages
5. Allow yourself more journey time
6. When entering a new road take a look for speed limit signage. Often you’ll see this signage very close to junctions

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