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Great Things Happen When We Walk

The Department for Infrastructure has developed a new public information campaign promoting walking for shorter journeys.

The campaign encourages more people to walk as a travel option and leave the car behind.

With the current pandemic, we have seen a change in road user behaviours with more people choosing to walk as part of their journey or daily exercise.

Walking is good for our general well-being having benefits for physical and mental health and for the environment. We are all encouraged to continue making the shift towards walking as a transport option especially for those shorter journeys.

This is an important way to achieve higher levels of sustainable transport and reduce the number of car journeys. By cutting down on traffic congestion, and reducing air pollution, we will also improve the quality of life for everyone. Greener, cleaner, healthier and happier people and places must be our aim as we learn to live with this new normal during and after COVID-19.

Remember, if out walking, use footpaths where available and always walk on the right hand side facing the oncoming traffic.

There’s more information about the benefits of walking, and how to do so safely on nidirect.

Great things happen when we walk!

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