Share The Road To Zero ...and enjoy long, healthy active lives

Free video reveals: 7 ways drivers and cyclists can share the road and be safer


  1. Cyclists, drivers need to be able to see you, because they can’t hear you
  2. Drivers, cyclists need at least the same space as a car when you are passing them
  3. Cyclists, drivers need you to check it’s safe before you turn right or change lane
  4. Drivers, cyclists need you to watch out for them at junctions
  5. Cyclists, it can be dangerous to pass on the inside, especially trucks and buses who’s drivers can’t see you at all
  6. Drivers, when the road is wet and slippery cyclists are even more fragile. Please take extra care around children
  7. DRIVERS AND CYCLISTS, don’t forget to always pay attention and watch out for each other



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