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Join your colleagues – Share the Road to Zero

Dear colleague, I have backed DOE’s Share the Road to Zero community campaign by pledging the PSNI’s support and commitment to reducing road deaths in Northern Ireland to zero.In 2012 the number of road deaths in Northern Ireland reached its lowest level since records began in 1931. However, 48 families were left heartbroken and every one of those road deaths was one too many.
Zero road deaths in Northern Ireland is possible if we all, individually and collectively, slow down, never EVER drink and drive, always concentrate when driving and always wear a seatbelt.
I invite you to think about yourselves and your family; to think about who you are prepared to lose on the road; and to think about what the goal is for your friends and family – is it zero?
Join me, your colleagues and the thousands of people across Northern Ireland who have pledged to Share the Road to Zero by signing up and making a commitment to be safer on our roads – go to
We all share the road shouldn’t we all share the responsibility?
Yours Sincerely
Chief Superintendent Peter Farrar

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