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Feel the Risk for New Drivers

Feel the Risk for New Drivers

Do you have a teenage son or daughter who is heading off to college or uni and will be driving more often as a means of transport?

It’s a fact that the first 12 months of driving is the riskiest time for new drivers of all ages and those with less on the road experience.


It is because we all develop the necessary hazard perception skills by actually feeling the risks on the road through experience and not simply by knowing them.

So we developed the FEEL THE RISK programme for new drivers to help them feel the risks of the road and be safer with:

  • 5 simple ways to help you stay safe on the road.
  • Online videos and real-life stories about the major risks you face as a new driver.
  • A free Highway Code download link.

Check it out and recommend it to your teenager by clicking on the link below and registering to get the first Feel the Risk email…

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