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Drivers – Expect to be Breathalysed over Christmas and New Year

Drivers – Expect to be Breathalysed over Christmas and New Year

The Police can now breath test drivers without suspecting them of a traffic offence.

The 2020 Winter drink drive operation is already underway. The Police have powers to carry out road checks to breath test drivers who may be drink driving. Any driver stopped by the Police can expect to be breathalysed, in addition to breath tests for road traffic offences and traffic collisions.

The legislation passed in 2016 allows the Police more breath testing powers – police officers no longer have to have a reasonable suspicion about how you’re driving. There can be vehicle checkpoints solely for the purpose of carrying out random breath tests.

The increased likelihood of being breathalysed will hopefully prevent drivers from taking the risk and help make this Christmas and New Year much safer for us all.

Did you raise a festive glass last night? Are you sure you’re safe to drive the morning after? If in doubt, avoid guessing and don’t drive today. And remember, any alcohol impairs your driving.

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