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Down District Council Pledges to ‘Share the Road to Zero’

Environment Minister, Alex Attwood MLA has welcomed Down District Council’s support for the DOE’s Share the Road to Zero road safety campaign.


Alex Attwood said, “Share the Road to Zero is a huge community programme with one aim – zero road deaths in Northern Ireland. In 2012 the number of road deaths in the region reached its lowest level since records began in 1931.  Every one of those road deaths is one too many. I want to encourage everyone to join up on a journey towards zero road deaths.  Any organisation can support this aspiration by pledging and encouraging members or employees to pledge and adopt safer behaviour on the roads.

As road users, we all have responsibility to behave appropriately – as a driver, a passenger, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian so that we do not take risks and we do not put our own lives or anyone else’s in danger.”

Mr Attwood concluded, “Down District Council plays an important role in the community.  This means that their support for the Share the Road to Zero campaign will be influential in saving lives and achieving zero road deaths in Northern Ireland.”

Cllr Coogan commented, “I would encourage road users in the district to pledge their support for the campaign by visiting SHARE THE ROAD TO  and would remind them to consciously think about driving safely every time they take to the roads.”