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Clocks Going Forward – Time to Improve Your Commute?

Clocks Going Forward – Time to Improve Your Commute?

It’s that time of year again when we shake off the last remnants of winter and look forward to warmer days of spring and summer.

As the clocks go forward this Sunday, why not help your body to adjust to the changes and take advantage of the extra daylight by adopting a few healthy habits such as walking or cycling as part of your journey to work or daily routine?

A bit of exercise in the fresh air helps to counteract any morning sleepiness, with added health benefits and saves money compared with other forms of transport. Maybe consider changing your commute to work – even for a few journeys. There are many health and financial benefits of walking, cycling, car-sharing, public transport and using the park and ride.

Whether you cycle to work, walk to the bus, or stretch your legs at lunchtime, the main thing is to get moving.

Do remember to do it safely – wear comfortable shoes, use footways or footpaths whenever possible and ensure that drivers and other road users can see you well in advance.

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