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Just because you use the bus every day, doesn’t mean you’re not at risk


If you or your teenage son or daughter travel on a bus every day remember you are more at risk around the bus than you are travelling on it. Follow these simple tips to stay safe and Share the Road to Zero.

At the bus stop:

  • Stand well back from the kerb particularly as the bus pulls into the stop.
  • Don’t mess around with your friends.
  • If you’re listening to music or using your mobile phone while you wait – stop as the bus approaches.


On the bus:

  • Find a seat and fasten your seatbelt if one is fitted. Wear your seatbelt for the whole journey and only remove it when leaving the bus.
  • Place your school bag safely out of the way of other passengers.
  • Never distract the driver.


When leaving the bus:

  • If you have to cross the road, use a nearby crossing or find a safe place to cross.
  • Never push or rush as this can cause injuries.
  • Never cross in front or behind the bus – other vehicles will not see you.
  • Wait at the verge or footpath until the bus has moved away and you can see clearly both ways.
  • STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN before you walk straight across the road, paying attention while you cross.
  • Never use mobile phones or listen to music while walking – especially when you are crossing the road. No text or call is more important than your life.


Even if you are late for the bus you should NEVER take risks. ALWAYS Stop, Look and listen before crossing the road.


Please share this page with all your friends and family because every road death is one too many.



First published:18 September 2013
Last updated: 18 September 2015

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