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Bus safety – How to keep yourself safe

Bus safety – How to keep yourself safe

Travelling by bus is a great travel option. It helps you get around quickly, helps the environment and eases congestion on our roads. However, there are some safety precautions which you should always take, even if you use buses on a daily basis.

Remember, you’re more at risk around buses rather than on a bus.

Follow these simple rules to help keep yourself safe:

• Pay attention when getting off a bus.

• NEVER step out from behind or in front of a bus.

• WAIT at the verge or footpath until the bus has moved away before you cross the road. Drivers cannot see you and you cannot see approaching vehicles.

• CONCENTRATE on the traffic – Look left and right and only cross when you can see that it is clear.

• DO NOT get distracted by friends, mobile phones or music.

To find out more about keeping yourself safe on and around buses click here to view our quick guide.

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