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Bus Lane Safety

Bus Lane Safety

All road users have a responsibility to share the road and share the responsibility for each other’s safety.

Here is some advice for people who cycle, drivers, buses and motorcyclists sharing bus lanes.

First, advice for drivers

1. Drivers – remember – cyclists and motorcyclists use bus lanes too.

People on bikes are much harder to see than a car – so extra effort and a greater level of awareness are essential around bus lanes.

2. Drivers – watch out for cyclists using a bus lane at junction ahead.

3. Drivers – if you have to cross a bus lane when turning left, remember: Mirror – Signal – Manoeuvre.

Do not overtake just as you turn left and watch out for cyclists/motorcyclists coming up on your left before you make the turn.

4. Drivers – when turning right in a bus lane – look out for cyclists leaving the bus lane to turn right. They will be moving from the bus lane into the traffic flow.

5. Drivers – always look out for more vulnerable road users. Watch>>>


Advice for people who cycle when using bus lanes

1. Cyclists – be aware of other road users – look around as you cycle especially before changing your position on the road.

Remember a Glider is longer and quieter than a bus.

When cycling in a bus lane, if you are in front of a bus or Glider, you have priority. Watch>>>


2. Cyclists Overtaking in a Bus Lane

If you cycle in a bus lane – remember – most bus lanes may be used by motorcyclists too, likely travelling faster than you, as indicated on signs.

Watch out for people getting on or off a bus, they may try to cross in front of the bus into your path.

Be very careful when overtaking a bus or leaving a bus lane as you will be entering a busier traffic flow.

3. Cyclists – if you are using a bus lane, be aware that vehicles might emerge from a side road. If you see a vehicle approach a junction, don’t assume they can see you.

4. Cyclists – if you are turning right from a bus lane, be aware you will be entering a faster flow of traffic. Check the traffic, then signal, move to the centre of the road, then turn when safe to do so.

5, Cyclists – When using a bus lane do not ride on the inside of vehicles signalling or slowing down to turn left.

  1. As road users we all have to share the road and the responsibility. Cyclists can be very vulnerable around HGVs. So it’s important for people who cycle and HGV drivers to see things from the other’s point of view. HGV drivers should take extra care to look out for cyclists, give cyclists plenty of room, and anticipate that they may make unexpected manoeuvres. Cyclists can help themselves stay safe around HGVs by having an understanding of the blind spots, making themselves as visible as possible and by not cycling up the inside of an HGV.

View the video>>> here.                                                                                    

Remember – all road users have a responsibility to share the road and share the responsibility for each other’s safety.

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