Back to School – Stop, Look, Listen, Live

Back to School – Stop, Look, Listen, Live

With the new school year, why not walk, cycle or scoot to school?

Parents/guardians – consider leaving the car at home and encouraging children to travel actively and safely to and from school.

Evidence shows that travelling to school actively, such as walking, improves children’s concentration and their health; while also teaching them to travel safely and independently. It also helps reduce traffic congestion and air pollution which is good for the environment and for everyone’s health.

Walking can help build a child’s confidence. It teaches them the rules of the road and how to keep safe when walking. Young children should be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children develop at different rates and only you can decide when your child is ready to behave safely around the roads.

More traffic on the school run means more danger on the roads. So teach your children to always Stop, Look and Listen when crossing the road.

How well do YOU remember the rules?

Refresh your memory of The Green Cross Code and teach your kids these essential life-saving rules.

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