About Road to Zero

In 2012 the number of road deaths in Northern Ireland reached its lowest level since records began in 1931. However, every road death is one too many. Over 95% of crashes where someone is killed or seriously injured are due to human error, so road deaths are preventable.

Share the Road to Zero is a huge community programme with one aim – zero road deaths in Northern Ireland.

Everyone in Northern Ireland, including all organisations such as the media, government, companies and community groups can make their own personal or organisational Pledge to share the road to zero.

How to pledge

Making your pledge is really quick, easy and free. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Pledge here now.
  2. Pledge by entering your name, email address and what type of road user you are.
  3. Read, commit to and follow your pledge every time you use the road.
  4. Share your pledge with all your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

How to make a pledge on behalf of your organisation or corporation

  1. Make your organisation/corporate pledge now.
  2. Pledge by entering your details.
  3. Share your pledge with everyone in your organisation to encourage them to pledge to Share the Road to Zero. Sharing is quick and easy by clicking the email link on the webpage.