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8 Rules of The Highway Code to help people who drive 🚗 and walk 🚶 keep each other safe…

Do you remember this TV ad?

Did you know that each of these 8 Highway Code rules apply to motorists and pedestrians every day?

RULE 196 – Pedestrian Crossing. [0:01]

RULE 14 – Crossing between parked vehicles. [0:08]

RULE 125 – The speed limit. [0:15]

RULE 205 – There is a risk of pedestrians, especially children, stepping unexpectedly into the road. [0.15]


RULE 170 – Give way to pedestrians who have started to cross. [0:29]

RULES 7A-E – Crossing the road. [0:35]

RULES 202 – Reversing. [0:41]

RULES 154 – Country roads. [0:53]



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